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Technology Planning

How do we plan? Technology keeps changing!
If you have ever struggled with this question, Affinity Resources can help.

With up to date expertise, our technical background begins in the early days of PCs.

Foundations consider a long term technology plan to be a critical element in their decision making. If you don't have one that's current, Affinity Resources can help.

Our wide range of experience and services includes:
PC, Mac, and Unix hardware & systems
Fundraising software
Website design and creation
Internet access
Email and fax communications

An effective organization requires effective technology. Many organizations have acquired computers over the years as gifts or purchases to meet an immediate need. When it comes time to have those machines work together, they won't!

With up to date expertise, our technical background begins in the early days of PCs.

Using the Web poorly turns donors away.
Organizations will not benefit from the Internet if their Web site is too complicated, too boring, or just unattractive. Users return to sites that do more than feed them information.

Affinity Web Design can help you design the right web site for your organization. Because we know both web design and fund raising, we can create an effective web presence.

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