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Tax Return Software For Nonprofits Filing 990s

Please do NOT call with inquiries about these products. We do not sell them. All the information we have about them is right here.

Charitable organizations that are required to file annual tax returns will find the task easier if they use software that will gather information and print out forms. Check out these principle alternatives:

Desktop 990, available from the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute, is free and easy to use. Desktop 990 offers context-sensitive help, where you can find the instructions for each question by a click of the mouse as you are working on each question. It is currently the only package that supports electronic filing of the 990 (now possible in PA and CO).

H&R Block's TaxCut for Home & Business includes a Form 990. It is a fill-in the form return that makes it easy to type in your answers and print out the form but doesn't offer much help for the 990.

Other products include:



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